Keynotes & Workshops

KNOWLEDGESHARE helps organizations achieve their performance goals through the use of proven interactive workshops. We create an environment of engaged and dynamic learning that may be delivered to individuals, small groups or presented to an entire organization. With a professional team of facilitators, trainers and speakers on hand, our educational sessions are designed to be flexible enough to meet the objectives of your specific business.

Process Facilitation

Process Facilitation is the key technique and set of strategies that foster the creation of ideas and actions by conducting engaging meetings, learning communities, strategic planning retreats or focus groups. Our role is to guide your group through the meeting process using equal participation, skilled questioning and deliberate dialogue.

Strategic Planning & Visioning

Strategic planning is holistic process through which organizations create a shared vision, commitment and a mechanism for managing resources to fulfill the plan. We take a creative and participatory approach aimed at helping organizations identify, clarify and achieve their goals.

Know Yourself, Grow Yourself

For teams to perform well, all members must better understand themselves and their teammates. Through a series of activities and discussions, your group will discover how to better leverage their existing talents and learn more about unlocking the team’s true potential.

Collaborative Leadership

Today’s successful leader must demonstrate a myriad of competencies and is an aware, meaningful and responsible contributor to learning. Participants will explore, discover and develop the ability to lead with Resilience in today’s organizations while understanding the importance of living a balanced and creative life. Nine key principles of leadership are identified that permit the learner to model leadership in a variety of contexts.