Keynotes & Workshops

KNOWLEDGESHARE helps organizations achieve their performance goals through the use of proven interactive workshops. We create an environment of engaged and dynamic learning that may be delivered to individuals, small groups or presented to an entire organization. With a professional team of facilitators, trainers and speakers on hand, our educational sessions are designed to be flexible enough to meet the objectives of your specific business.

Resilience: Code for Success

Resiliency is the ability to become personally and professionally successful despite chaos, set-backs and adversity. By outlining the benefits and methods of fostering resilience in students, faculty and organizations, we can discover not only how to survive challenging situations but how to create some of our greatest moments.

Strategic Planning & Visioning

Strategic planning is holistic process through which organizations create a shared vision, commitment and a mechanism for managing resources to fulfill the plan. We take a creative and participatory approach aimed at helping organizations identify, clarify and achieve their goals.

Adult Learning Principles

This session teaches the outcomes, skills and knowledge required to conduct individual and group training and instruction. Discover how to maximize your existing learning resources and to establish a safe and comfortable learning environment. This session is hands-on and allows participants to find the trainer within!

Collaborative Leadership

Today’s successful leader must demonstrate a myriad of competencies and is an aware, meaningful and responsible contributor to learning. Participants will explore, discover and develop the ability to lead with Resilience in today’s organizations while understanding the importance of living a balanced and creative life. Nine key principles of leadership are identified that permit the learner to model leadership in a variety of contexts.