Organizational Development



Eric Sloat, MA

Eric Sloat began his management career in 1980 in Toronto. Through successful leadership positions he developed well-rounded management expertise in the volatile service industry.

In addition to his demonstrable management success, Eric has provided local, national and international leadership in the service industry as a national president within one of the world’s largest hospitality organizations. Eric has developed a strong reputation for training and consulting and he’s taught within post-secondary education for over eighteen years.

Eric is committed to the belief that both the transfer of knowledge and continuous education are critical elements to effective management in any successful business environment or organization. This conviction combines his love of teaching, public speaking and objective facilitating, to form the basis of KNOWLEDGESHARE. These participatory and practical workshop programs benefit small and large groups in business, government, and academia.

Customized Keynotes, Workshops and Excursions may be commissioned upon request.

Duration times may be shortened or extended as required.